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Outdoor Underwater Light, Suitable for fountains, ponds,and other water lighting scene

Light Distribution

Technical Data

Design & Material :
Large heat dissipating components Die-cast aluminum body and front frame
Extruded aluminum controlgear box SPCC mounting brackets with cutproof
grip slot Transparent tempered glass Optical PMMA lens(UV-proof)
Finish : Powder coating、Matt finishing、Salt spray proof design
Colour : M a t t d a r k g r e y ( 3 3 )  /  M a t t i r o n / grey(34)
Control: AC220V;ON/OFF;DMX512 dimmable
- Nickel plated brass PG cable
- Water-proof protective vent valve
- Drainage ditch on the front frame
-IP67 connector(dimmable
Class I
Storage temperature: -40℃~70℃
Working temperature: -25℃~50℃
Installation & Adjustability:
surface mounted with adjustable mounting bracket mounting bracket with indicator
for whole set and single module to enable the LED module -100° to +120° tiltable locked by tools.


Product Feature


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