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  • Beijing Wangfujing Department Store

    Beijing Wangfujing department store has become one of the landmarks of Beijing。On the occasion of its 62nd anniversary, LiteMagic had the opportunity to celebrate its birthday by lights, recollecting past, swaying youth personality with a completely new posture together。

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  • Sheraton GuangZhou NanSha YueXiu Hotel

    It was on sptember 28th,2017,that Sheraton GuangZhou NanSha YueXiu Hotel grand opened.With criss-cross white and warm light,the light of the building facade went on,from the bottom up,run along the ripples-shape Windowsill of the hotel,quiet and elegant.

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  • Xishan Wanda Plaza, Kunming

    Camellia, the city flower of Kunming was selected as the theme of the project to express respect and continuation of local custom and culture through facade lighting effect。

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  • MCEC: Midwest Commodity Exchange Center

    This project is located in Xi'an International Trade & Logistics Park。At the beginning of this project in 2011, it has been listed as Xi'an’s key construction project, and was completed in 2015。Total construction area is 330,000 square meters, consisting of seven tall buildings about 100m high。 MCEC is the logistics business platform for the integration of transportation, warehousing, forwarder and information。

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  • Wuhan Han Street Restaurant

    Chu River and Han Street’ project is a kick-off project of Wuhan East Lake Ecological Water Network Construction Project, as well as the core project in commemoration of Xinhai revolution’s 100th anniversary. This project is 1500 meters in length, 210000 square meters, located between East Lake and Sha Lake of Wuchang district, which is the commercial and geographical heart of Wuhan city. ‘Han street’ restaurant is one of the buildings of the project.

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